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Customer Testimonials

Real Comments From Real People.

Many of our satisfied customers have taken the time to share feedback and experiences using our tools.  Please read below. 

If you would like to share your experience email us.


"The tap removing and end mill [Armor Mill A-250x2.0-.250-.8] worked perfectly! I pecked at the tap and blew out chips until I reached the bottom and even though I knew to stop just shy of the very bottom to save the end mill from breaking, I broke the mill. But the good news is I saved the threads and part."  - October, 2014

"This is the prototype.  We used the Spring Loaded Engraving Tool and Standard Conical Tool Bit赔率bet for Softer Materials on an Anodized Aluminum Pen." - September - 2014

Engrave Anodized Pens


"Stellar customer service and shipping turn around time.  Thank you again!"  - September, 2014

"Just wanted to let you know those downcut bits [end mills赔率bet] are great. The material being used on is mdf.  Thanks for getting them to me quickly!"   - August, 2014

"The package [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool and Data Matrix Tool Bits] we ordered last time worked great!赔率bet Thanks for all the help!  I need a quote on another set up."  - April, 2014

"Great service, as always!" - December, 2013

"Thank you very much! I appreciate your kind help, and quick response!" - September, 2013

"I just wanted to say Thank You!  You all are so awesome to order from....simply incredible....bordering on ridiculously fast. I keep on telling others about your site. On a side note, a while back, I ordered a .0625 ball nose bit from you. I have been running that thing to death...well, trying to at least. I just finished a 6000 pass project on Corian and the cuts look just as good as the first one. I have used it to engrave in oak, pine, maple, pecan, barn wood, cedar, and Corian and it is simply amazing." - July 2013

"I wanted to let you know that I (we) are extremely happy with the vacuum chuck that was purchased from 2L. We have already experienced significant time savings and improved yield on grinding our thin materials. The more we use it, the more capability we realize." - December, 2012

"A great tool [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] and a great company!" - September 2012

"Great service as always..." - September 2012

"Received the part [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] in today and it worked perfectly. Thanks again for your help." - September 2012

"It is working GREAT [Vacuum Chuck] I will be ordering more chucks and attachments later in the year. I have been using double back tape to hold down plastic but this is so much faster and no messy clean up." - June 2012

"I use (engraving tools) in the Spring Loaded Engraving Tool I purchased from y'all about 2 or 3 years ago.  It cut my engraving time by 80% on the Aluminum Control Panels I manufacture.  GREAT PRODUCT!! THANKS." - May 2012

"A little late, but thought I would drop you a note and tell you that the vacuum chuck you sent us is working well and I am really impressed with its appearance and quality. Nice job. I will recommend you to others. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you in the future." - May 2012

"We got the tool and are very pleased so far with the results. The setup time we were experiencing in the past is now pretty much gone. Down from upwards of 30 minutes per unit. The detail the diamond bit is creating is incredible. Still experimenting on adjusting feed rates etc. to get some more depth and will likely be ordering the 120 degree diamond bit and heavy spring shortly." - Feb 2012

"AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP. I have already bragged to some of my buddies about your tools. Don't be surprised if you start shipping more into northeast Ohio." - November 2012

"I've been playing around with the [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] since yesterday and all I can say and WOW ;o) ... I've been trying to engrave on my mill for months now. I've built special mounts and added high speed spindles, built my own Spring Loaded Engraving Tool on my lathe (quite proud of it, although it's nowhere as slick or effective as yours) - tried just about everything but have not been pleased with any. Best I got on any was doing drag engraving which never could get my correct depths. However, My very 1st attempt on this produced a beautiful engraving on my test piece. I just wish I'd ordered it sooner! I'm finally able to do what I've wanted to and have the confidence it's going to look professional. I know the software played a big part too as my current set up didn't allow for plunge or incremental steps during the engraving cycle.  Once again, Thank you for everything! Much appreciated!" - September 2011

"Thank you! Your product has kept our engravings looking perfect every time regardless of the exact height of the work piece surface. We have liked it so much we bought another for our tool and die machinist. The perfect tool [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] for the job! " - March 2011

"The Spring Loaded Engraving Tool is performing EXCEPTIONALLY".  We are engraving 1018 carbon steel using the Spring Loaded Engraving Tool, Tough Tip Engraving Tool and a Medium Spring, running at the suggested 3000 RPM at 13 ipm and are very pleased with how much time it is saving and the results are great." Tony - March 2010

"I just wanted to share with you what a huge time saver this is for us [Mini Spring Loaded Engraving Tool]. It only adds 20-30 seconds per part (depending on the amount of engraving) and the quality and accuracy is excellent. Before, we were laser etching them which added extra handling time, setup and fixturing, and consistent quality was always an issue."   "You guys made me look good to upper management!" - February, 2010

"This tool is the XXXXs!"
  "You have no idea how much time it [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] has saved us in not having to reset and redo each part that is off a little" - January 2010

"You guys have a great product [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] and your service is second to none. Everybody loves the look of the new engraving on our products". - May 2009

"We have seen a 5x increase in life [using Conical Ballnose Engraving Tool] and are running at 3x faster federate than the tools we were using before.   At the end of the week this week, we have 576 parts on one of your [Conical Ballnose] tools, with 2 lines of text, in 12l14 steel, where we were having trouble getting 100 parts with another tool. Keep in mind this is at 3x feed rate of the other tool. The tool still is cutting well, so we are leaving it in to see how long we can let it go. We are actually going to start using these engravers on some other parts we make as well, so I'll be placing another order in the not too distant future" - March 2009

"It [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] worked great, thanks for the innovative tool. - March 2009

"Got the tool [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] and did the job in time. I've immediately put it to use on a bunch of other projects. Instead of sending parts out to be laser marked I'm using the tool to do the marking here - it will pay for itself in just a few weeks".  Cary, Optical Structures - February 2009

"I haven't broken a tool since switching to your [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] holder, we have done all of the engraving on hundreds of hydraulic manifolds with the tool that came in the holder." - June 2008

"I used your [Spring Loaded] engraver for the first time on some steel parts and they turned out just fine. I will be using it more often as I am trying to change from inking to engraving part numbers wherever possible." - June 2008

"I've used it [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] to mark p/n on a few parts, and so far I like what I see. Smooth and Fast as promised" - June 2008

"Worked great" [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] - June 2008

"The Engraver is a fantastic tool."
- January 2008

"I had the opportunity to run a test in aluminum with the Conical Ball Nose Engraving Tool. Again, I was a bit skeptical but now I am nothing but impressed. Previous run times with my old pyramidal engraving tool on one particular job was in excess of 30 minutes. I ran the same test with the conical ball nose and my run time was 4 minutes and 46 seconds. You might as well say 1/10 of the time was required. I could probably reduce that time even further but my machine was running at the maximum feed rate it was capable of. The tenfold increase in productivity will make a substantial impact in our shop throughput and bottom line. Thanks again for a great product & support."  LRM Technologies, LLC. - January 2008

"Your company makes great products." - January 2008

"The bits I bought from you worked great, especially the engraving bit." - December 2007

"The product is working out very well. All three of the units [Spring Loaded Engraving Tools] are currently installed in machines. As our development engineers get time they will be looking at additional applications for the engraver." - November 2007

"Your products are superior to anything else out there.  I will be ordering again." - November  2007

"Everything has been great. Your service has been wonderful and the tools are astonishing. We have been able to push our feeds and rpm limits significantly where other tools would have broken." - November  2007

"The bits work GREAT!" - November 2007

"I'm very happy with my engraving bits." - November  2007

"Your engraving bits work well in our project.." - November  2007

"Engraving tools we ordered worked great.." - November  2007

"Your engraving bits work well in our project. We are back engraving decorative wood burl acrylic used in a marine application." - November  2007

"The 2L engraving heads work great [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool]. They are the exact product that I have been looking for, for a long time.  Thank you for building a outstanding product." - November  2007

"Got the tool [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool]. Got the job done. Just wanted to thank you. It was everything you said it was and more. Thanks again. My customer is happy." - August 2007

"Want to take this opportunity to say that your service is the best I have even encountered when ordering on the web. Definitely will use your company when for future needs."  - August 2007

"I have now tested your new cutter [Tough Tip Engraving Tool] and it is absolutely better than the earlier cutters {from other suppliers} which I have used. I used it with bronze and stainless steel. Also the quality of the engraving seems to be excellent." -  August 2007

"The "Tough Tip Engraving Tool has been working great. We have been using it on Hastelloy, and were struggling to find  tool to engrave such  hard material and the Tough Tip Engraving Tool stands up real good..." - July 2007

"LOVE IT [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool]!" - April 2007

"We are using the [Spring Loaded] Engraving Tool] and it is working very well.... it looks like it is going to be a success. I’m very pleased. Thanks for all your help." - Rick W., Machine Shop Manager, March 2007

"The Electric Vacuum Pump is working out great for us" - March 2007

“I purchased your 2L Engraving Software, Spring Loaded Engraving Toolholder Complete Kit & Single Line Fonts… and have found all to be very useful tools.” – DH Auto Marine, Feb 2007

"We are pleased with the [Spring Loaded] engraving tool, and the customer service as well. We should have purchased this item years ago . Thanks." - Feb. 2007

"Thank you for the quick turn-around in getting this order out. You and your company and the honesty shown have me sold. You have my business in this area." - HiRev, Dec. 2006

"I've been a machinist for a long time and have always subbed out engraving work. Prices kept going up on the jobs I had subbed out and the quality and mistakes became a huge issue. I built my own 3 axis machine and your software plugged right in and went to work seamlessly, I am very impressed!" - American, Nov. 2006

"[The Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] is working well! Thank you for all of your help. We will certainly be sending you some more business." - M. Sales, Oct. 2006

"I just wanted to let you know, I got the belt [oil] skimmer hooked up... I am totally happy with it. It works better than any I have used in the past." - GAC, Oct. 2006

"I wanted to say what a great product you offer. We were in a jam for engraving parts on a turnkey project for a very large customer of ours. The tools supplied have worked out fantastic!!!!" - Machine Tool, Aug. 2006

"I have engraved one plate, worked perfect. I haven't had time to really do anything else. This is more of just a hobby." -  July 2006

"We have not used the tool a lot, but it has done a great job so far. We have used it with the diamond bit to engrave on mirror tile and it worked well." -C.T., Mar. 2006

"The Spring Loaded Engraving Tool does just what you say it is going to do. Thanks for getting me out of a hole. I use it all the time on all types of materials." - 2006

"This tool [Spring Loaded Engraving Tool] is AWESOME!" -  2006

"This engraving tool is great on my VMC." -  Dec. 2005

"[Spring Loaded Engraving] Tool is performing very well. Thank you." - KC, Aug. 2005

"The engraving cutters worked great!  Thanks for the follow up. It's easy to do business with an organization that gives us the impression they care - even about little guys." - S. of S. , Aug. 2005

"The tool is working out quite nicely! - July 2005

"Spring Loaded Engraving Tool works great! It has saved us around 4 hours of machine time & labor to date along with not buying carbide bits every week. Well worth the cost. We use it on plastic, aluminum & steel." - Paragon Tool, July 2005

I've used 2 [engraving] tools so far, and I'm pleased with the results!" - June 2005

"We have been running 4 Spring Loaded Engraving Tools 24/7 for several months. Everything is going great." - 2005

"We bought a Spring Loaded Engraving Tool... it paid for itself in a day." - Internet Blog Comment, June 2003.




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